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Originally Posted by DaedalusAlpha View Post
In fact, even two quarries next to each other at half default size should use no more resources than one quarry, provided they are not active (and marginally more even if they are active).
Bit of an assumption there don't you think?
I am in no way techy or understand the server side of things at all, but to me it stands to reason that 2 x quarry must have a bigger impact than one - even if both are standard size - 2 x the mining, 2 x the stuff through pipes...2 x engines etc etc.

I'd actually ask everyone to remember that the rules are not to inhibit anyone, simply to ensure that everyone has as best an experience on our servers as they can - no one is limiting what you can quarry (or even really affect the time it takes if you consider that one mine working a 20x20 will do it no quicker that a 5x5 quarry placed four times....) just asking that it is done in a way that will not affect other players.

This is a fledgling experience for us all - most people seem to be loving it, the added complexity is a real draw card - I dont think anyone is saying that larger quarry's are out of the question, just that until we understand the cause of lag lets scale it down and see what (indeed if any) effect it has.

After all oversize quarry's are removed and we see an improvement, I am sure a quarry (such as Daed suggests) can be built and tested - until then - early days folks - and from what I know, I am pretty sure you all want to see this server persist.

Lets get it right.
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