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Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
However as you yourself have pointed out on several occasions, the server is often very laggy - So we are taking steps to reduce the lag, by looking at some of the most lag inducing areas.
I think this is a good initiative and I think it will definitely help. I'm just pointing out that there is a risk you miss the main cause if people continue to build quarries (even while following the new quarry roles to the letter) with deposit systems that cross chunk borders. These rules, while a good step on the way, does not take that into consideration.
Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
If you could write up a tutorial for people on how to set up an efficient quarry, that would be very helpful to some of the people here.
That is a good idea, and I will look into doing that
With a good tutorial people would be much better informed on how to place a quarry and it's adjacent systems to minimize server load.
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