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Thanks for the codes Kasper (I think). What do these codes do, how long are they good for and how would a person go about putting them into the game (i haven't really looked though)? I'm playing on a PC. Only got my current char up to lvl 30 and i have another at 13 or 14 i think, its been a little bit since i have played though as my HD died and i just got my new one yesterday, should be playing tonight hopefully.
In your main menu, there is a Options screen. Under that will be a button to enter Shift Codes.
The code will give you a Golden Key, which can be used to open the special Golden Chest in Sancturary. The items you get from that chest are two level dependent random gold weapons.
Its possible you might want to save a few keys to open the chest once you are max level, but based on the regularity they give out keys thats probably not a concern. I think I still have 27 keys left to use.

The codes can also be used to give us other things. Over halloween they gave out spooky class skins via Shift Codes.
How long do the keys remain valid? That depends. Some are 24 hours only. Some are limited (eg first 10,000 people to redeam), and some are valid up until a certain date.

Basicly it is a way for them to encourage players to keep involved in their social media activites. The keys are given out via their twitter feeds, facebook pages, and imbeded in their advertising videos. Key personel often post codes onto their individual twitter feeds seperatly to the offical Borderlands 2 feeds as well.

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