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Default Introducing Phlexor

Hi, Phlexor here from Victoria Australia, and I wish to become a member of TOG. I came to know about TOG through current members Obsi and Sorontar who are close friends of the family.

I'm currently playing Minecraft on a local copy of Bukkit on our home LAN. When I'm not doing that I might be playing a few songs on RockBand or wasting time on Solitaire or Mahjong Titans.

Being 40yo I can remember as far back as Pong on home television and appearance of Space Invaders in Pubs and Pizza Shops. From then it was Atari 2600/Vic-20/Commodore64/Amiga500 until finally the PC won out.
I've never meshed well with the general online gaming community because of young, impatient and downright rude young people. I'm hoping that TOG offers the experience of a considerate community.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that Iím on the Disability Support Pension because Iíve been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Iím married and have 6 children who mostly game themselves. We have many computers networked here as well as numerous gaming consoles and handhelds. I usually game between the hours of midday to midnight and sometimes into the early hours as Iím a bit of a night owl. Iím also into LEGO, Science Fiction/Fantasy shows and movies, Anime, Transformers and Robotech.

Please consider.
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