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Default Playing other factions

I have been playing a little TR (man I won't even have to worry too much about spending SC, the default stuff is so good).

I have some friends that picked up planetside 2 over the xmas break (before I had a chance to say NC is where it's at) and spent SC. sigh. So I don't want to main there, and they don't want to main on NC.

Anyone had any issues swapping factions and shooting friendlies? My brain seems to have been trained to shoot the TR and not to shoot NC. Barnies are fine though!

Also (a little guilty here) I saw a TOGger assaulting the crown (VS owned) and chose not to shoot him. A little naughty I guess, as if I am playing TR I should treat all foes as equal. Anyone else have these little moments?

I am thinking of throwing up a mossie and trying to hunt down Riflebait. I am sure he will shoot me down no worries, but it might be fun to test my skills against someone I usually fly with
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