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Nope I can post it here if you'd like, though I hope to avoid TOG in general if I can. A friend was with me and was a little disgusted when I said 'Oh it's a togger' and shot someone else instead. If it was one on one rather than sniping random noobs trying to run up a well defended crown I would have brought my A game.

And I already have had the fun of shooting toggers in PS just not on purpose (though I thought about give Munter a bit of lead loving after he shot me while I was repairing a turret. He was not on TS so I never found out what that was about).

For me it's only about playing an online game with friends. Of course I also want to play with my new TOG friends too, so it's a tough decision. I don't often end up playing the same games as them (City of Heroes for so long).

So far, maybe it's grass is greener, but the TR stuff seems pretty awesome. It could use upgrades, but the Prowler is so easy to use. The guns are real good, though I miss our default bolt driver. And that chaingun on the MAX - nice! Then again, our shotties - if you hit it's red rover, but having range is great. I just have to remember to take the 2nd shot with everything.
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