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I love their Mercys on the MAX. On the official forums though, TR and VS are crying like babies about the NC MAX - even when video proof showed them at 10m+, the TR and VS actually deals more damage than the NC.

Unfortunately I have two NC - one on Briggs and one on Connery otherwise I'd have one of each on different servers for those times I want to fart arse about during weekdays when the TOG population is low. Having Alpha is an advantage because it carries across to any character you create and unlocks some guns right off the bat for you.

Probably a good chunk of us have been shooting at each other for years so I wouldn't let it worry you if you shoot a few of us when you're TR. I only bother taking notice of who I kill, not who I shoot at - that list is far too big for me to keep track of. My K/D is approaching 10 but my K/D+A would be double that!!
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