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Hello ToG Community! My name is Asphyxiah and i would just like to talk to you all about an idea i had. So about 6 years ago my dad gave me a copy of battlefield 2142 i started playing it as my first fps and really enjoyed it i was only 11 back then :\ so i didn't really know much of what i was doing but i do remeber one thing and it was the =ToG= Severs and if my memory serves me correctly a good man by the name of Bundybear who pretty much taught me to play the game decently, any way me and my mates were looking for a game to play that was fun and decent and i instantly thought of this and all the fun times i had playing titan mode, the plane tricks, podding out of the titan to caputre a silo and you cant forget blowing up the enemy titan it was the best part of the game for me :D. I downloaded the game and tried to see if you still had a server which you obviously don't so i came to here to express my interest in your clan starting up a battlefield 2142 server if some of the old member's would be up to play it again i sure know i would, Once I Finish doing my after school studies and get my job back i would be willing to chip in to keep it up and running and im willing to help admin it. Now if some of you are thinking I've lost the disk etc... never fear The official EA store is selling the deluxe edition for $20 which i have the link for right here >> Download Battlefield 2142? Deluxe direct to your PC from Origin
so if enough members of tog are willing to show interest in playing the game again would you maybe set up a Battlefield Server??( Directed at whoever it concerns) Every one tell me your thoughts or experiences in the game?
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