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Default Mindcrack testing is open

Hi all,

With Feed the Beast being so popular, we have begun testing Mindcrack 1.4.6 to address some lag / disconnection issues.

This is a more up-to-date pack that FTB and includes 45 pages of items to mess around with. There is so much amazing stuff in this pack, including some great looking trains.

The Mindcrack map is open for the Division to explore, just use the Mindcrack 1.4.6 option in your launcher.

The only change we have made is that we have added Mystcraft 0.9.5, so please add that to your Mindcrack pack.

To do that go to Edit mod pack, then click on where you downloaded Mystcraft.

The official download page for Mystcraft is :


We are working hard to give you the best game experience, and feel free to comment and suggest ideas.

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