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I'm new to all this but I suggest the server admins factor in human nature when planning the future. You can make a rule that all machines need to be off. That doesn't mean that will happen. You can say no running water in quarries. That doesn't make it so. You ask people to have one quarry only and to cover it when finished. That doesn't mean it will happen. You have to assume people won't read/respect the rules and then you have to consider that impact on the server in a worst case scenario.
We realise that things happen - people might get disconnected and not be able to turn off their machines, people forget etc. We're not monsters :P

However, if we make a rule that machines have to be turned off when you leave the server, and everyone tries to do that - we're going to have most (if not all) machines turned off when people aren't on the server. Making it better for all players (lag wise) If we don't make that rule, most people won't bother turning off their machines when they leave.

Ultimately the way we set up the city has meant that these things have far more impact than they would had we not organised the city the way we did. That's unfortunate and unexpected. We are however looking at a way to help address this without losing all the work people have already done.

If we update to a later version of minecraft and try out MindCrack, this might also decrease the performance issues we've been having too. But we'll have to see as we go.

What we are trying to do with those rules is to get some of the more lag inducing items to have less impact on the server. Knowing that there will be times where a quarry breaks into water and isn't noticed for a while, or someone accidentally leaves something running. While one person leaving stuff running isn't going to make a lot of difference (usually, hopefully ), 20 people leaving their stuff running, can. If everyone turns their stuff off, then if someone forgets, it shouldn't be a problem. If nobody turns their stuff off, there is a problem.

I personally don't think it's being too unreasonable. It's essentially like asking someone to turn off a lightswitch when they leave the room - so that it's not burning and wasting power while they are not even there. The house isn't going to blow up if you accidentally leave lights on, but we don't want them left on.

It's not a perfect situation, but that's minecraft. Minecraft itself is not a well optimised game. Adding all these mods makes it less stable. We're trying to help it by reducing the things that stress it.

But we really have 3 choices. 1). Run the server with no rules, let people do what they like and have the server constantly crashing and laggy and likely becoming unplayable within a few months. 2). Run the server with some rules that can be inconvenient for some people, but free up more resources to make the server run better and make a better playing experience for all. 3). Don't bother running these mods because they are too troublesome and just stick with vanilla minecraft.

As a player I find the FTB server far more fun... and I think it's worth having the small inconveniences of being asked to turn off machines and keep quarries covered and small.... to be able to have this mod pack to play with.

As part of the modmin team, I don't think we're asking too much of the division, in exchange for us providing them with a more stable game to play.

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