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Default So I want to be a TOG member...

My real name is Shane and I'm from Brisbane, Queensland.

I've been playing FPS since Wolfenstein3D on my 386 DX-33 (I added a math co-processor so I could play Doom too!) Kept up my gaming, and spent my saved 1st car cash on a Pentium 90 instead.

I fell short of gaming time around the time I was playing Quake I/II on a token-ring network connection (joy!) and didn't really start playing again until briefly trying Unreal II and then the new Wolfenstein. I struggled to keep an up-to-date PC and didn't think my control pad skills were up to playing online games on my XBox360... so for a long time I just played offline.

Now I'm starting to enjoy BF3 and even getting better with a PS3 pad in games like CODBLOPS 2. I also enjoy a number of racing games (NFS, etc) and some adventure games too (If you haven't played the 'Prince of Persia' game from a couple of years ago, grab a second hand copy or Steam special and do it!)

Anyway, I'm pretty stretched for time most days, between trying to run my own business from home and looking after my family so I generally only get time for a game in the evenings. I've joined the TOG servers for Battlefield 3 a couple of times, and have recently been trying out TeamSpeak and Ventrillo too.

Hopefully I can get someone to teach me why i can empty a clip into the middle of someone and they can get 12 damage, while I go down from 2 shots or less
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