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Originally Posted by D3lthar View Post
Can someone please write up a guide on how I can get into this as I have no idea of what any of what you guys are saying is, it all sounds like garble to me.
I've only just come back to the game and only played in alpha so help would be much appreciated.
download feed the beast mod
Feed the Beast
then choose the mindcrack 1.4.6 mode
run FTB to update the mod
then download the mystcraft mod here
BinaryMage 3rd one down has the download
then go to ftb launcher
select the mindcrack pack then "edit mod pack" "open folder" place the .rar in there that is the mystcraft you downloaded enable the mod
use edit down at the bottom of the FTB launcher to place your user name and password in then run the game from the FTB launcher
I think that's about it am sure one of the more experienced players will fit whatever I may have screwed up took me a bit to get it happening also

Thank you Chiack

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