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Vanilla ruleset is pretty much DayZ with little to no modification, so the survival aspect of the game is well intact. DayZ is survival first and foremost, the server will never have 100's of vehicles or anything to make the game easy.

Starting inventory for players is the standard loadout plus a can of beans, a coke and a watch, the food is to give a tad more survivability from the get go.
Regular Day/Night cycle. GMT+7
35 max vehicles with minor modifications to vehicle spawns.
Server restarted every 4 hours with several warnings.
Multiple Anti Hacks enabled with active admins.
Semi tolerant of high pings with the ping kick set a bit higher than normal.
Server set up in Los Angeles, California but pings to AU and NZ are excellent.

We are tolerant of all styles of game play and will always maintain a mature and respectable environment for people to enjoy DayZ. Obviously any cheating or scripting is not tolerated and the ban hammer will ensue when caught.
We have some regulars that help new players learn the ropes, so the server is very noob friendly even though on veteran settings.

Server settings are:
Third person - On
Nameplates - Off
Tracers - Off
Crosshairs - Off
Death Messages - Off
Waypoints - On
Side Channel - Enabled
Ping Kick - 450

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