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Embermage Skill:

Blazing Pillar (level 21 in Inferno):
Consider investing in this for just one reason: “Blazing Pillar is good at generating charge.” I’d put one skill point into it to at least test how much charge it gets, you can always respec your last 3 points. If it gains significant chunks of charge, put a point in.
I just want to say O...M...G...! I love this one!

I like it much more than Thunder Locus. I kick it off and just watch the carnage. It does have a down-side though. I tend to get lazy with it on trash mobs, and have to quickly do something more when I have a boss in their midst.
  • Thunder Locus is stationary and you have to kite mobs through it, or stay in it and let them get within melee range.
  • Blazing Pillar goes out and eats things while you scratch your pet behind the ear.

I posted some more pics in the pic thread too. I'm putting some up for each of these spells.

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