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Default Standing rules for the TOG Mindcrack Server

The standing rules for the TOG Mindcrack Server
  • If a rule isn't listed here, go by and Frontier rules. Otherwise, be considerate of other players.
  • The world border is considered to be 3000 blocks east, west, north and south of 0,0. Players should not journey or construct beyond this unmarked border.
  • Be mindful of things that add to the load of the CPU and contribute to resulting lag. These include engines, machinery, power sources, excessive piping, piping junctions, chunk loading, animal farms, golems. This is especially true in the city plots.
  • If you are not playing, then machines must be deactivated, including turtles,fillers and quarries.
  • World anchors or similar automatic chunk loading effects cannot be used.
  • New Myst worlds cannot be created without permission from the Admin team.
  • Nuclear explosives are banned from use on our servers.
  • Each player is limited to a maximum of 3 turtles in total and a maximum of 10 golems in total.
  • For these rules, a quarry is considered to be an automated quarry machine or a mining turtle or an automated filler, or any similar automated large scale mining machine.
  • Each player can only set up/use a single quarry at a time on the server.
  • Quarries cannot be set for digging more than the default quarry machine horizontal dimensions (9x9).
  • Quarry spaces(or similar excavations) to bedrock must be underground or covered with at least 3 layers of solid blocks when finished with.
  • No quarry space or equivalent can have flowing water placed in it. The exception is water used at the bottom levels of a filler machine.
  • Members of the Admin team may deactivate, modify or remove any devices that are causing harm to the server. Players will not be re-compensated for missing resources as a consequence but efforts will be made to save engines and machines.
  • Use of the communal Matter Fabricator at spawn requires following these rules.
Spawn city rules:
  • Within the city walls, a player may claim a single plot of land, bordered by the cobblestone edges of the roads.
  • Players can not modify any other part of the city. Under the edge of the road may be filled in and paths to doorways may replace some of the edging.
  • Next-door neighbours may collaborate and make tunnels or bridges between their plots. Otherwise, roads may not be built over or under.
  • Quarries, mining turtles, excavating fillers or equivalent automated mining tools and nuclear power stations cannot be used within the city.
  • Thaumcraft magic and associated activities, including the use of Arcane worktables, Infernal Furnaces and Infusion Altars must not be done in the city (Thaumcraft is highly recommended to be done only at TOGwarts)

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