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Default Reminder of the rules about using client mods

With the introduction of the Feed the Beast and associated client mod packs, I would like to remind players of the division's rules about the use of client mods.

No unauthorised mods or hacks

Players may use texture packs to enhance the visual look of the game, but any mod or hack that changes the gameplay must be approved for use by the Admins before it is allowed to be used. Similarly, as per the TOG-wide Code of Conduct, you must not cheat, exploit game 'bugs' or utilise any other methods which will alter the standard gameplay and/or provide an unfair advantage to you or any other player.

Currently only these client mods are allowed to be used on our servers:
Water Shader Mod
Zan Minimap (no longer maintained)
Rei's Minimap
Improved Chat
What's My Light Level
Obviously, this will now also include the MindCrack mods for the MindCrack server. However, these MindCrack mods (or variations of them) may not be used for the Frontier or any other server we run without the permission of the Division. If you have any other client mod you wish to use for any TOG server, it must be discussed within the forum and then approved by the Admin team. Otherwise, use of it on our servers is regarded as cheating.

That doesn't mean we will always say no. But we must say yes before you use anything.

Thank you


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