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I do remember this, my second cousin had it and I used it whenever I had a chance to. They had 4 or 5 games if my memory doesn't fail me. I played Minestorm the most, and probably Scramble. Was a sidescroller with walls at least. After that I guess my memory plays tricks on me. I don't see Pac-Man in the list, could almost swear by it that it had that. Lunar Landing was another game I thought was available there, but not according to the 'complete list of vectrex games'.

I have no idea what the hardest game was called. It involved a maze and it had a timer. Either some lines in the maze moved, or something was shrinking. It probably was one of the 3d games, and normally the 3d things weren't available so I hardly played it.

My oldest cousin had an Atari 2600, I guess Pac-Man (Ms. Pac-Man?) may have been on that machine, along with Defender instead of Lunar Landing. It seems my memory isn't as accurate as I thought it was, it would have been easier to remember if I had owned the games myself.
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