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Problem with making a pack other than for personal use, is copyright - we would need permission of the creators to redistribute their work. Plus everyone has different tastes, so one "TOG" pack wouldn't be liked by all.

When we did the hogwarts map night, there were some textures in their pack that were broken, and I fixed them for my own game - but to be able to redistribute it to others in TOG, I had to get permission from the creator. He never replied back - so I wasn't able to share it

The problem I've always had with finding the right texture pack for me, is that different texture packs are different resolutions (so the images for the blocks are different sizes). So while it's really easy to copy and paste the blocks you like from different packs to make your own customised texture pack, you ideally need to use all the same sized packs to get your copied blocks from...or else you have to resize the images for the blocks, and that seldom works out nicely.

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