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Okay, the new rules for the Mindcrack world and server are posted in the second post of this thread ( While we encourage people to continue building in the city, we ask that you lessen the amount of machinery and automated processing that you use, simply because the proximity of people's mechanisms all intensify the lag.

You are free to journey within the land outside the city walls and build there but need to stay within the unmarked border. For now, the rectangular border is set at 3000 blocks from (0,0). This means that -3000 < x < 3000 and -3000 < z < 3000. Pay attention to the coordinates given on your minimap. We do not have a mod to tell you when you have reached the border. Players who don't follow this rule may be disciplined.

We also are phasing out crystal chests due to their contribution to lag. From now until the end of Sunday, if you present a crystal chest to a moderator, they will give you a replacement diamond chest for free. What a bargain!

Finally, we will be removing a few of the other items from the Mindcrack mod pack and introducing a few new ones. The mods removed will be:
  • Xycraft
  • Soul Shards
  • Portal Gun (but will try to keep the boots if possible)
  • VoxelMenu
Various settings will be changed to make some items and resources harder and easier to obtain. I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see what those are.

The new features will come from a few new Forge mods that aren't part of the Mindcrack mod pack. While initially we were going to delay introducing these, we actually have been testing them for a couple of weeks and believe they will both improve the performance of the server and enhance your game play. They are:
  • Mystcraft (which you knew about)
  • Additional pipes (so you can teleport items from one pipe to another)
  • Mo's creatures (so you have new animals to hunt, kill and/or ride)
The instructions on how to install the mod pack and these additional mods are all outlined in The last two mods will not be added until Saturday, but you will not be able to join the new server without them.

Hope to see lots of you on Saturday 5pm AEDST.


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