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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
The last two mods will not be added until Saturday, but you will not be apply to join the server without them.
I think you meant able to join... ?

On a related note, what happens if you have mods active that the server doesn't want you to use (like those that are now disabled but come with mindcrack as standard)? Are they simply silently unloaded?

Edit: Clarification on this if I may;
Quarries, mining turtles, excavating fillers or equivalent automated mining tools and nuclear power stations cannot be used within the city.
Point out that I would want to dig out a new room under my plot but want to use a turtle or filler to do the job (while supervised by me of course), would that be allowed?
Ie, it's not for the purpose of gathering materials but rather to clear out a volume and it is therefore limited in time and volume (only happens once and takes what? 15 minutes?).

Edit2: More questions
If you are not playing, then machines must be deactivated, including turtles,fillers and quarries.
Could it not be argued that if your plot is far away from spawn or any other area where there are other players, then it will be automatically shut down once you log out and the chunks unload? Ie. you don't have to turn machines off manually, they get de facto turned off by you leaving (except quarries of course, as they keep chunks loaded). Sure another player might go past from time to time, but if it happens it happens.

Also related; would it be allowed for a quarry to run for a short while after you've left? I'm thinking if it's hooked up to a small buffer that gets emptied (perhaps via teleport pipe with overflow protection) while you're logged in, but fills up once you leave (as the destination now is an unloaded chunk) and eventually gets full and turns the quarry off.

Finally; are ender chests activated this time? They are safer to use than teleport pipes when it comes to overflow.
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