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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
Again, think of this as being like not leaving the oven on after dinner.
I prefer to see most of my machines to be on a timer (like you could have on your coffee machine) because I know I'm bound to forget turning stuff off when I leave otherwise. This is of course not for everyone, but I like to build advanced systems.

For this reason I want to automate activation and deactivation of machines, but in some cases that automation can not be made to stop the exact moment I leave. Therefore I would prefer a leniency in the rules to the effect that, yes the machines are 100% guaranteed to be utterly and completely stopped "within a reasonable time after leaving", but I can not guarantee they will stop the exact second I leave (and who can really? with items already in transfer and so on).
If that is required you will have to accept me forgetting to turn the switch off entirely from time to time which in my eyes is worse (what if I was gone for a week after that?).

A lamp connected to a switch is good, but a lamp connected to a motion sensor is fool-proof (and is also usually more energy efficient, despite it keeping the light on for a couple of minutes after you leave).
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