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Exclamation Divisional rules are updated

Given the new server, the division's rules have been updated:

The TOG Mindcrack server rules are summarised as:
  • Respect the world border
  • Be mindful of contributing to the lag
  • Turn things off if you are logging out
  • No world anchors
  • No new Myst worlds
  • No nukes
  • The numbers of turtles and golems are limited
  • Automated diggers (eg. quarries, turtles, fillers) are restricted
  • In-game moderators can turn off or dismantle machinery to help the server
  • The spawn city has special rules for building
All players are expected to read and follow the full rules in the division's Code of Conduct.

A new rule has also been added that applies to all TOG servers.

Withers can only be spawned in approved areas

Withers are very destructive. For this reason, they can only be spawned by players within Admin-approved predefined areas within a world that are specially designed to minimise the chance of them running wild. It is expected that players spawn withers for the purpose of battling them.
Such areas are yet to be built in the Mindcrack world. An area has been prepared for Frontier for when Withers are introduced in future updates.

Please also remember that the client mods allowed for the Mindcrack server are not necessarily approved to be used in other TOG servers. See the Code of Conduct to identify which client mods can be used for those servers.


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