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Smile Howdy

I've been sorting through various MMO sites, saw this one and grinned . It looks like my kind of place, because I"m a REALLY old gamer. Two words..... Avalon Hill... nuff said.

My current MMO is Champions Online, I'm a lifer there from the beta. Look for gunsmoke@decathalon. I was in both COX and Eve Online for 3 years. If you played Eve in the last couple of years odds are I made ISK off you at Jita..

Other games I love.. god I've played so MANY....

Old P&P D&D- mostly 2nd ed. rules
Empires in Arms - jewel in the crown of Aussie tabletop games
Civilization - I've owned them all...
Elder Scrolls - Bethesda just rocks, don't they ? TESONLINE !!?? ...drool
Doom - slap a few sheels in that shotgun boys

Anyway , I'm i retired these days and looking for new gaming horizons .... so here I am.
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