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Lightbulb MindCrack - DO NOT UPDATE YET

The launcher wanted me to update the mindcrack pack so I did. Now I have a huge list of incompatible mods and can't get onto the server anymore. Pretty much all the mods has been updated.

I don't think it's possible to downgrade mindcrack, so if someone can, I don't know, mail a link to me or something where I can download the old version that would be great.

Also a warning to everyone else to NOT download the new patch.

Edit: If my singleplayer map is to trust it now also seems like you can't use fillers to mine, because they don't drop items anymore. Or well they do drop them but they disappear after a second. They also go top down now instead of bottom up, which make them even more useless as quarries. A lot of automated farming systems will be screwed...
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