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We want you ideas, dreams and suggestions to help us build the inaugural SpleeFTB.

After watching Bazz and Duck settle their arguments and power struggles in uncivilised PvP (Bazz - when will you learn Duck has god like powers?), Espesh and I felt it was time to bring Spleef to the FTB/Mindcrack world.

But we need your help! In order to take full advantage of the FTB add-ons we wanted to devise a new variation on Spleef, with input from the TOG community on what you’d like to see.

Ideas such as myst portals randomly located on the walls of a multi-layered Spleef game, which could send you either higher or lower (think snakes and ladders – you’d have to take a gamble when stepping through). Or perhaps even a multi-world game of Spleef within a game of Spleef (Spleef-ception – full credit to Espesh). Or even augmented Spleef with items that could be picked up at various levels (?jetpack).

These are all just ideas Espesh and I have bounced off each other but we want to hear from you! So tell us what you think or what you’d like to see and get excited, because Spleef is coming to an FTB server near you!

Hoathy and Espesh

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