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Hi All,

My name is Adam (Beeftoast) and I play 2 games at the moment

Black ops 2 and League of Legends

I would like to join TOG as most of my friends are in TOG that I play with

I started playing PC games back in the day of DOS. anyone remember gorillas where you had to throw bananas at the other guy and there was wind resistance and angle. moved on to car racing with f1 accolade and also played battle chess.

started getting serious with quake and starcraft then age of empires and red alert. move on to quake 2 and 3 and of course half life. with many half life mods such as cs and tf. played some generals and starcraft 2. and found league of legends and now cod.

I have played more games than that but I think these are the main ones. wow looking at the list I have too many games under my belt.

I have had so many systems over the years and am using 2 computers at the moment. One for home and a laptop for Lan with my mates. I live in Australia and mainly play after work about 5pm aussie melbourne time +10 GMT
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