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EQ has, and will always be, my first love. EQ2 was a big disappointment. With SWTOR and GW2 behind me, two big MMOs that I had been dying to play, I really haven't had anything to look forward to, maybe ESO, but this is great news. Thanks for the info.
Interesting. EQ has a place in my heart as well. I never played EQ2, but it didn't capture me. EQ is hard ass work. It's unfortunately, however, that with each new expansion, much like any other game, give less and less relevance to the old content; makes the old content obsolete. The one expansion I played got me to lvl 31 while I was within a few zones length. There was 0 reason to go to Pok. I believe you can rush up 60+ in this leveling continent and never really have a story, worry about gear, craft, player shop, etc. While you didn't have to play like that, there isn't much motivation to going back to an hour+ for a level and sorry drops in desolate areas.
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