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Originally Posted by Cheith View Post
If you try and download an old version (eg 7) before downloading the recommended version (currently 8.0.1) it downloads the wrong version of minecraft!

Also note that some of the primary download links are out (Mo creatures, custom mob spawner). The mirrors still work
Yep, picked out both of the above last night.. ..cant believe it was such a headache to setup (hope im not the only one) - but once it was it was worth it!!

The TOG world looks really cool! Set up shop on the opposite corner of Bru's pig farm (if your pigs start going missing mate....) my plot is on the edge of the city, near the rocks i wanted to build on. There is a bridge inbetween with a lake underneath its a nice plot. Got a nice little building under construction on the corner!

Now i just need to get my mine in full swing and get my tower up and get some food and armor...

p.s. The mobs on the server are crazy.. ..undead horses, slimes?
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