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EQ has, and will always be, my first love. EQ2 was a big disappointment. With SWTOR and GW2 behind me, two big MMOs that I had been dying to play, I really haven't had anything to look forward to, maybe ESO, but this is great news. Thanks for the info.
I agree that EQ2 at release was a bit of a let down but damn did they make it better. The housing, crafting, and mentoring were some of the best in MMO's. The whole idea that a guild could set up NPC gatherers that would supply the guild with a small trickle of raw mats was nice but the whole guild mat storage was fricken awesome. Guild halls mattered and people would some nights just hang out at the fountain (or whatever) and say hi to people as they used the druid circle. I have not seen a game with a better guild hall. EQ2 in the end gave more tools to guilds than just about ever other game.
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