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On a slightly related note....

One of my electric furnaces was giving server errors yesterday - even though it was working fine - plenty of power in the system (A fully charged batbox, 2 fully charged MFEs and 5 advanced solar panels feeding it all) and I was only about 10 blocks away from it.

The only thing I could think of was that it was 10 blocks (for memory) away from the batbox (which was at full capacity the whole time) - connected with insulated HV cable. My rotary macerator 9 blocks from the batbox was fine, the other furnace about 5 blocks away was fine, and when I moved the electric furnace closer to the batbox it was also fine.

So it would seem that some of these machine errors we're getting on the console might be because machines aren't close enough to the power sources as well as not receiving enough power. Even if the machine looks like it's fully powered, maybe they are more touchy now about how much power they are getting?

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