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ok Version 1, loads of polishing needs to be done, dunno if I am happy with it's focus etc, bu I felt if I place it here people can say "put this in"

Also Guys, help me out, post what you have been doing, what you want to do, or what your goals are, I can add it also any community stuff tell me about so I can put that in too

First there was Minecraft, with itís pistons, lego like structures and style, but this was not enough.
Not content with the stealthy creepers, TOG Minecraft Division opened the door to the unknown and unleashed Feed the Beast, MindCrack edition.
Living upto itís name Mindcrack takes Minecraft to a whole new level, with over 30 modís to the game this has truly a lot to offer, and has blown more than one of the regularís minds with all thats on offer.
Whether your new to Minecraft, or a seasoned vetern of Creeper attacks and zombie raids, Mindcrack offers all thats in the original game, but offers so much more. Ranging from new forms of redstone, to allow even more complex creations, dozens of different animals (Pandaís, Elephantís Horses and Sharks) more technology and automation methods, and of course real world styled trains, passenger cars and freight wagons. Mindcrack has something to offer absolutely everyone.
Initially, we as a division started a small humble project known as Spawn City, we all grabbed a plot, and built to our hearts content, in this small area (each lot is only 60 blocks square) you have the many variations on design, style and expression of peoples personalities, from Sorontar (our DCís) simple Grass hill, with itís enchanting rooms beneath the hill (very Hobbit like) to the Soaring structure of Skovilleís stone archs, the graceful and elegant lines of Daedalousí humble home, to Obsiís Ranch.
The beauty of minecraft, and Mindcrack is that you are not restricted, you are free, t build what you want, mine what you want.
From this humble beginning the Division streached out to the four corners of the world, and there set up new homes, having Spawn city as our city dwellings we have been busy, for one I have transformed from a simple miner, to, Darkduck, Master Thaumcrafter!!!
Ok, well that might be an exaggeration, but Thaumcraft is yet another mindcrack mod, think of this as a form of enchanting, I can make candles (boring) helper golums (cool) Lightning, fire and Excavation wands (MUHAHAHAHA) as well as, a ďPortable HoleĒ this allows me to pass through walls, but thats not all, I have farms, thanks to the Forestry Mod, meaning I have more wheat and treeís and other goodies than I need, all of which is Automated, but I also have Big Gates I can open with a remote control, more machines that I can poke a stick at, and on the drawing board is completing my train workshop, my train track back to spawn, my floating school for the Magically Talented and Gifted (yes itís going to be called Duckwarts), the possibilities (and time spent in game) is endless, but thats the beauty, you can spend 5 minutess in game, or 5 hours, and still enjoy the content, the company and accomplish alot.
Minecraft Mindcrack can be as big a time sink, or as small a one as you want, you can accomplish community tasks, like that of the TOG Zoo.
Tourok and Obsi are the chief Designers of our Zoo, this will hold Tourokís reptile collection, some Horses kindly donated by Obsi, My Elephant, Panda, Scorpion, and SHARK! In the end it is hoped we will have most of the available tamable mobs in Mindcrack in the zoo for all to see and enjoy.
But thats not where it ends, While there is a magic, and technology side, along with an animal side, there is also pets, fish in bowls, oh and did I mention there are over 72 species of bee for you to breed. Thatís right you can do some bee keeping, getting honey to make ambrosia (a super effective potion) you can automate the process with red power or build craft pipes, you can use genetic splicerís to create your own bee with the traits you desire (within reason, no refund given for mutant beeís that attack you).

So if you have a copy of Minecraft, or you are looking at getting it, swing on by our forums, say hi, we are more than happy to welcome you to our community, you will be able to get tips, advice, help and give it too. We are all learning and thats the beauty of Mindcrack, there is so much to learn, so much to do, you will never be bored, or lonely (the server is never quiet).
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