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Default FTB: Ender Storage chests

Because of the possibility of having 2 players trying to use the same colour combination for their ender storage chests, and having those chests conflicting with someone elses, I thought I'd start this thread so players can reserve/register a colour combination for their ender chests.

The idea is that you can claim the first 2 colours as your unique ender chest code. So all your ender chests should then use those 2 colours (in your chosen order*) and you can pick the 3rd colour from any other colour dye. Which will then give you plenty of combinations that should be unique to you, allowing you to have multiple ender chests in your 'code'

EG, if you reserve "Light Blue, Magenta" as your colour code. You can make chests that are: Light Blue/Magenta/Red, Light Blue/Magenta/Lime, Light Blue/Magenta/Orange and so on (as shown in the pic below)

*Note that if you choose Lime/Red as your colour combination, someone else can choose Red/Lime as their colour combination. You are defining the first 2 colours and the order they are in.

To colour the chest either create it with the colour wools you want, or after you've made it - click on the wool part with the dye you want to colour it with (to lock a chest so it won't connect to another chest of the same colour, click the lock on the front of the chest with a diamond {it will consume the diamond, but you get the diamond back if you break the chest, and it appears a locked chest won't work with an ender pouch})

It's probably a good idea to check your preferred colour combination first, to see if anyone is already using that. Then reply to this post with the colour combo you want and I'll add it to this list.

Black/Black - Blackened
Black/Purple - Raeka (Deep)
Black/Red - T0ur0k (Tazzrok)

Blue/Yellow - Bru1zer
Blue/White - Chieth
Blue/Purple - CNAFE
Blue/Black - Deweyoxberg
Blue/Red - EmeraldKnight
Blue/Blue - Mashiro

Cyan/Orange - Nastafar (d3lthar)

Green/Green - Daedalus

Grey / Grey - Skoville (Bazz)

Light Blue
Light blue/Light blue - Scataboens (Gedarn)
Light blue/Purple - Usukie

Lime/Lime - Henrideacon
Lime/Red - Marvelmanic

Magenta/Red - Phlexor

Orange/Orange - OranjeJus

Pink/Yellow - DiscordDave (Warmonger)

Purple/Black - Daosbrew
Purple/Green - Nuljones
Purple/Cyan - Obsi
Purple/Purple - Penthrox

Red/Red - AdmiralTriggerHappy
Red/White - Aveege
Red/Orange - Dazar00 (Daz)
Red/Yellow - MinerDuck (Darkduck)
Red/Black - Striker

White/White - Reserved for future community use
White/Red - Akirad0e
White/Brown - White_bear

Yellow/ Green - AussieSheila (Carm)
Yellow/Yellow - Irimar
Yellow/Red - Hellscream
Yellow/Blue - Hoathy

A note on ender chests - Our basic server rules regarding chest contents apply to ender chests. If the contents of a chest are not yours (you didn't place them into the chest and don't own them) - you are not to take them.

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