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The game is still pretty addictive. Playing on the EU server with a Templar called Blingstar.
I set out to recreate my dual-totem-templar from closed beta just because I liked the playstyle. Although the dual-totem skill and totem support gem are nerfed now, I still see possibilities for a dual-totem build without traps or other summons.
Started as a Fireball caster, then added Fork and Lesser Multiple Projectiles.
Currently using Flame Totem, with Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Added Lightning Damage and Chance to Ignite support gems.
The plan is to use the Totem support gem with my Fireball/Fork/LMP to send fireballs everywhere, (but I need to kill Merveil to get the gem)
It should do less damage then the flame totem, but it has a much larger range. At least in closed beta mobs died faster to the fireball totem.
Heading for the totem life and range skills in the center, but haven't planned any further. That is depending a bit on which totem will be my main attack: fireball or flame.
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