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Also don't be a numpty like me, empty your chest before you recode your colour.
That was another thing we tested - if you've recoloured a chest that has contents (and you then get an empty chest) - just recolour it back to what it was and your stuff will still be in the chest. (Hopefully you can remember what colour it was )

I presume "Blue" is the darker "indigo" blue? not the light blue?

could i go for a white/brown/white?
I'll put you down for "White/Brown" .... so that means you can have White/Brown/White, White/Brown/Yellow, White/Brown/Blue and so on - the "White/Brown" is your player code, and you can use whatever 3rd colour you like. (that allows you to have more than one chest, all still using your assigned first 2 colours)

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