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Default Community use animal farm

I've created an animal farm for myself, which everyone is welcome to use.

There's a linkbook in Spawn (next to the twilight portal) and the wastelands for it.

You'll find pens for each colour of sheep, cows, pigs, deer and chickens (working on getting more chickens). Feel free to shear any sheep - but please do not breed any more sheep!

The cows/deer/pigs are for food, please do breed more of these before you kill any - to keep the numbers the same. Please don't breed heaps of them though - we don't want too much lag

In exchange for using the animal farm, it would be appreciated if you could shear all the sheep and put any wool you don't need in the barrels above the pens.

There is an unfriendly wisp in the area (which is why I abandoned the place originally), but I've enclosed it all, so you shouldn't have a problem. You'll also find a cobblestone hut thing off one corner - that leads to a stronghold my quarry uncovered, but has not yet been explored. Feel free to go check that out if you wish.

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