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Q: How do we go about breeding a little 'un and carting off said little 'un to our own farms? :P
I'd prefer it if you didn't....

The idea of a community use farm means that we don't have to have tons of animals around for everyone to have their own personal supply. So if you can use this one, it's less animals that need to be kept.

But to breed one and try to take one out of the pens, without letting the others out - is a pain.... so I'd rather not have loose animals roaming around in there because people have tried to take some out to keep them... Also I've found that breeding the rams sometimes has mixed offspring. I think it's because the pens are close... so if you breed the rams it will mix the colours, which I'd rather not have.

If you want your own animals.... you might have to do what I did to capture the Rams/Deer and get them there - and that was to find some in the wild, push them into a myst portal to get them to where I wanted them

As per shearing, you could make the whole thing automatic
Hahah cool

The caged egg idea is actually brilliant. Nice use of pipes
I stole that idea of T0ur0k

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