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The name and shame is now down, they stated it was a waste of resources. They did state however they are still active at banning, last forum post I read regaurding hackers, seemed to agree with my opinion, that a lot of the hackers now are just the same people from before on new accounts. Hackusations are still at a high though, but in my experince I have seen maybe one player in months of play that seemed fishy the rest I assumed worst case used a macro to time out their weapon fire rates to reduce spread.

Also note they just updated the gun mechanics, they added in max, and min ranges to guns so guns like their joker box micro, can't tear you apart with burst fire outside of close range, and they tweaked recoil for a lot of guns to temporarily throw off macro users. I haven't had a lot of time to test it since it went live today, and I worked all day, but seemed like the guns I like feel better, even if my assault rifle slowly drifts up like a real one does from fire. 1.10.1 weapon patch
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