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Im 39 years old. Ive been a gamer since i was 8 and got the basic dnd set as a gift (1981) and been a mmo hardcore since July 26th 1999, everquest.

I am currently a member of WAR and have nothing bad to say about such a fine organization. Why am I looking for another guild you might ask? And rightly so.

WAR is a wonderful guild of great people, but i have slowly learned over time that my role with Honnor and the alliance, and my crafting guides of, and my leadership of karma farms in straits on, carry more weight than my posts on my own guilds forums. In a nutshell, I am more appreciated in the Alliance or by PUGs than by my own guild.

In addition, WAR has made the choice to aim more towards hardcore members and have mandatory meetings on days I cannot attend due to school, for the moment - I expect to be back to 4-5 days a week soon, but that is not 'dedicated' enough for a few.

In general, I looked for the best, most well-organized wvw guild around that was not fanatical about smaller matters, and the only real choice was TOG. I chatted with Erin tonight on mumble and he said "Hey man im really busy fighting so just google it.", so i did =D

I have 11 characters - 10 lvl 80s, 3 story complete, 7 wvw complete, 1 world complete, 1 legendary done, 6 more legendaries in progress. I love this game and take it seriously... when i have time.

i cannot promise i will be available on a given random tuesday since I am in school Sun - thurs at the moment.

I am hoping to remain in war for the rare pve content, but find a home to rep in wvw without a gun to my head.


PS I have nothing bad to say now, nor will i ever disrespect WAR. I wouldnt respect a guild that asked me to talk crap about my old guild, because if i did, all it means is that i would talk crap about you later. I deeply respect all members and officers of WAR, especially Dethroat - i am simply trying to find a wvw home with less drama.

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