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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
I'm thinking of 'farming' infected zombies and turning them into villagers. On some servers, a high number of villagers in one place will trigger the automatic creation of houses and village structures. Would this happen in frontier?
No, the presence of villagers won't trigger the generation of villages. Villages are only added to the world when new chunks are created.

The existing server rules prevent villagers being kidnapped from such villages, but at the moment I see no harm in letting players "cure" any infected villagers that randomly are generated. I don't know what would happened afterwards. If there are nearby buildings, they may regard them as a "village". Once there are two or more villagers in an area, they may start breeding and try to fill the "village". This would be your responsibility to make sure they don't overbreed. It is also your responsibility to make sure they don't get in the road/invade any neighbour's structures.

Think of it like having a villager farm.

Additionally, I need to borrow a brewing stand whilst I try to craft my own. May I borrow (as in use - not take) one? If you have one, please let me know where to find it. Thanks.
I believe I put one in the Wild West in Dr Tam's clinic in the Piedra Roja village. There also may be one in the spawn building.


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