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I took about 8 friends through it (all over 30) via a LAN yesterday
which I could not attend unfortunately. However to include me they steam called me and we all jumped into roses.
All of them with the free unlimited trial all over 30yrs old. As a result I am told at least a few of them were keen enough to buy it. The others will probably continue to play it at future LANs.
It is great that games like this now open up large groups of friends to playing with each other even without owning the game. Being inclusive (ok this is a reference to an earlier post) will have a good roll on effect I expect. Social gaming is what it is all about.

My thanks to Blink Stalker for being a good sport and taking standard gear he was not used to in order to "go easy" on them while they learned.

I am actually told that when I jumped in game half way through one level that their were exclamations all around the room of "holy bleep its a horse" lol.
I shortly thereafter got off said horse or it would not have been as fun. They had no idea how to deal with the horse or the skill level to knock me off, shoot of kill my horse.

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