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Default Sor's Surprise Soiree

We surprised Sorontar with a birthday party, in Minecraft... It was a bit of a last minute decision to do it, so apologies to everyone that we didn't get a chance to publicise it and let everyone know.

So I waited until he went to bed the night before, and quickly built a tent to hold the party in. The next morning I asked Irimar to make some fireworks, and Duck set up an automatic firing show for them. I put a chest of book&quills for people to write him birthday "card"....... and then at around 8:30, I told him I wanted to show him something I'd built and sneakily teleported him into the party

The fireworks were a huge hit - especially for those of us who had never seen them before. We had so many, we had 3 big displays, plus enough for people to just set off randomly themselves - great fun!

Someone had the idea to put the heads (I'd used as decorations) on their heads - so it was sort of like party hats Some people looked great with these heads on!

T0ur0k and Phlexor's new circus act

Group photo of those who were still there when we took the group shot.

I also took a bit of video through the night. I especially love the bit where Penthrox manages to walk right up to the "camera" as I was filming the group shot!

Unfortunately I wasn't filming when the enderman came to join people dancing

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