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Default seems you get one car and one (fantasy) track.......everything else it seems you have to pay for with vRP (virtual Race Points) which you buy through your Steam account for around $6.50 for 500 vRP. Bathurst is 549vRP for example.

It looks like Simbin's attempt at the iRacing model.....except it's a lot more arcadey than iRacing. It has all the raceline guides and braking points (a big red ? in the middle of the track) flashing all over the place.....I don't think it's for me. If I'm going to "pay2play" a racing game, I want a sim, not an arcade racer and it seems iRacing does it so much better. Better still, rFactor is pay once/play forever and a damn sight cheaper than iRacing or the Simbin RaceRoom.

And I can't wait to see if Simbin have their netcode together yet......they've only been working on it for about 8 years. The last Simbin game I played was Race07 and the lag in an online race was at times, atrocious......but it was better than GTR2 which was virtually unplayable online due to lag. In that respect, both iRacing and rFactor just walk all over Simbin. I guess they have to prove it to me that they've got good netcode before they'll ever get any more money out me.....Sad really because Race07/GTR Evolution was actually quite a good sim, at least was great to drive let down by a really bad interface.....and this one seems to be in the same vein.

Thanks for pointing it out Sytesy.....but I think I'll pass.

I went outside once, the graphics were great but the gameplay sucked.
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