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hello all,

my nickname's sexydadee. I mainly play european servers due to my location which is in United Arab Emirates. I currently play Diablo 3 and Tera-Europe. I first saw TOG on guild list of Tera, so I guess you could say that Tera is the primary reason why I joined TOG. I also picked TOG among other guilds because of considering my age, I guess I am more comfortable playing with people with the same age bracket as I am and the fact they understand that people our age usually have responsibilities aside from gaming

I guess I could say that I will never outgrow gaming. Ive been playing games since Nintendo Family Computer. I mainly play PC games, Ive never been fond of consoles after Playstation 1. I hope we can enjoy playing games together. Ok, that last sentence was gay, so scrap that. Let's go smash some monsters and other guilds. That one is gay too, so i'll just end my intro like this.
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