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Originally Posted by C4 View Post
gave it a play, not my cup of tea, uninstalled.

abit off topic, but have any of you joined the rfacter 2 beta and if its not under nda any thoughts? especially the netcode and physics
C4, what were your thoughts of the game? Would be interested in your thoughts.
I think it is a no go for me as well w/o even trying it. Words of the arcade sort lack inspiration for me.

zRe: Rfactor2,
Saw a few nice videos of the progress a couple weeks back. Looks good.

Here is the link: Work-in-progress Videos | rFactor

This is my favorite thus far...
11.30.12 “Driving Experience” testing Lime Rock Park – By an rF2 Tester

I am waiting for the next real team oriented race simulation.

Would be great to hear from a Beta player if able to speak about it.

Additional edit... I don't really see an NDA... rather testers are those who purchase as is and buys with the knowledge it is an 'ever' evolving simulation.
Seems for Standard $43.99 - 1st year free and after $12 per year. Or Lifetime $84.99 - Includes all aspects with no further payment. Both US payment. Bot sure if there is a difference in AU costs.
Here is the link... Haha! I suppose I should have looked further then simply googlin over the videos.. I simply thought the offer was for the 1st rfactor. Heh!

Once the wheel and pedals arrive, I'll have to give this some serious thought.

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