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I have no issue with rain at all, I do have an issue with 3 in game day night cycles of rain. It is easy to tell if someone is using a rainmaker because as soon as I shoot up a charge to clear the rain it immediately begins again.

I have looked into the fact of using charges to clear the rain to see if it stacks on how long it takes to clear further rainfalls and there is no effect. Someone is using a rainmaker or magic excessively to generate rain. There are bees called 'Excitable Bees' that can also cause issues with rain. I am not sure of why you would want to generate excessive rain unless you were hoping to get a Lightening Rod hit. If that was the case then only the rainmaker will cause that effect, bees and magic do not.

Trolling is the only logical answer I can see. It also happened again today where I cleared the rain 3 times and 3 times in a row it started again.
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