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but have any of you joined the rfacter 2 beta and if its not under nda any thoughts? especially the netcode and physics
I've sort of put rFactor2 on hold until they make more progress. It shows a lot of promise and there are plenty of people using it full time but IMO it's nowhere near ready for release yet. It is very good but not finished. The attention to detail is great, such as when you first go out on the track there is no rubber and it's quite slippery, as more cars do more laps the track "rubbers in" and the times come down. You go back to the pits and come back out and the rubber is still's a session thing......oh and then it rains for while, then it dries out you get a dry line and the racing is all single file......get off the dry line and it's like driving in the rain again. And that's just for starters.

However the graphics are not up to scratch yet, some pretty high end machines are struggling to get decent frame rates. Last time I drove it (a couple of months back) I couldn't get over 65fps with it dropping to under 40fps at times with some micro pauses. The scenery is very good, animated crowds, trees wave in the breeze, cows move in the paddocks but it still needs optimisation.

And of course there are not really enough cars as yet (although apparently they have just released the C6 Vette). In reality it will hit it's stride when it's in release stage and the modders start producing the cars that we really want to drive. The big mod teams are working on rF2 versions of their rF1 mods.......V8Factor, Historic FIA, FVR V8s and numerous others. Until then I have plenty of league racing to keep me busy in rF1. Virtually no-one races the ISI cars in's a platform for all the addon mods that make it such a good sim.....I assume rF2 will be the same.

The netcode seems to be up to ISI's usual standard (pretty damn good), the physics are also pretty good, some say they're as good as or slightly better than iRacing (which has good physics) others say not quite......but the physics are definitely a step up from rF1.

As I said, I like it a lot and have faith that it will deliver a great sim racing experience, just not quite now. When rFactor 1 was released (v1.150) it had a lot of wasn't till v1.250 (the current version) was released about 18 months later that it came into it's own. There is a lot of competition in sim racing at the moment (iRacing, P-Cars to name a couple) so to succeed ISI will have to deliver.....their track record (pardon the pun) is pretty good in that respect.

I had enough faith to pay the full price of $80 odd. Ah well, enough waffling.....time to go turn a few laps for Saturday night's league race......Historic Escorts at Hidden Valley.....a barrel of (sideways) fun....

I went outside once, the graphics were great but the gameplay sucked.
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