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I'll wait. Probably (inevitably) I'll upgrade when an exclusive comes along that's on my "must have" list.
The only game I'm really hanging out for at the moment is GTA 5... which, is still being touted as a PS3/X360/PC (later) title - console release date announced for September 17. I doubt the PS4 will be out by then.
O... and Lego Marvel Superheroes

So I'll sit in the wings and wait.

Techradar had this to say:
Originally Posted by techradar
Sony has scheduled a big PS4 reveal in New York on 20th February. We expect to find out what the console looks like, what it will actually be called, what the specs are, what the launch titles will be and how much it will cost, among other details.
The PS4 release date is highly likely to be Christmas 2013 for Japan and North America, but we'd be very surprised if the UK and Europe get their PS4 release before Jan/Feb 2014. This is pretty much what happened with Sony's previous consoles and is backed up by various leaks and rumours. At least you'll have plenty of time to save up if you live outside of Japan or the USA.
As for release titles, I've seen speculation of Killzone 4, Day of Sex Deus Ex Human Revolution 2, Little Big Planet 3, Gran Turismo 6, Infraworld (from the devs of Heavy Rain), Assassin’s Creed 4, Uncharted 4, Blizzard MMO Titan, A PS4 Need For Speed title, Crysis 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, Madden NFL, Fallout 4, Infamous 3.

As I said, most of these are speculation only... and the biggest "all-but-confirmed" is Killzone 4.
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