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News around the mill is that this game's development was handled very poorly. Basically Gearbox wanted to focus on Borderlands 2 so they outsourced development. Was passed around to a whole bunch of different studios, stuff was scrapped each time it was passed on, by the time gearbox got it back it was in poor shape, had been in development for 6 years and Sega (the IP holders) were gearing up to sue them for not delivering on the game Gearbox had been paid to make.

Gearbox knew it was crap, but they had to do something, they patched as many holes as quickly as possible and did the bare minimum to scrape through Microsoft and Sony's TRC compliance then shipped regardless of what it was actually like as a game. I'm guessing it didn't make it past Nintendo's quality checks which is why there's no Wii U release yet, there's sometimes up to a month turn-around while they run the game though all the tests so each failure usually pushes release back about a month and a half, not to mention the costs involved in re-submitting it for testing to Nintendo.

Seems the whole thing was quite a mess:

Also, when there isn't a single review of the game, on release day, well - omens of doom don't get any more obvious.
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