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I will stick my neck out and put up an argument for keeping the system.

6 of us use the system for the safes and as a mob killer near our base. The safes work great so we can share things like diamonds, tools etc without the possibility of them being stolen. If they get taken from the mffs safes then we know it was one of us eliminating any issues.

I foresee there being more issues with other items in the game causing lag than the MFFS. I don't think it is fair to remove this part of the game. Perhaps put a ban on the force field side of things but not remove the mod all together. If the mod is removed I have no way of sharing my goods with my fellow settlers in our area. It is nothing personal but as I have had equipment taken in the past, I find it easier to use them and just allow certain people access to the items.

You state it isn't in the best interests of the community and that I can agree on, IF ALL of the members of this community were honest. In a perfect world I could leave 64 stacks of diamonds out in a chest and nothing would happen, but unfortunately I can't.

Please do not remove this mod and look at updating the server to the latest mods as these address cpu and ram issues. The rain is obviously an issue and from what I have read it seems to be an issue relating to the version we are running. The old farms are also a resource hog compared to the new multifarms that are available in the new forestry pack.

If we could not just have a knee jerk reaction to one little thing and try to address the issue as a whole.

If this whole post means nothing and your hearts are set on removing this mod can you please give me atleast 24 hours notice on here as I have A LOT of gear in these safes.

Thank you
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