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Originally Posted by Penthrox View Post
If we could not just have a knee jerk reaction to one little thing and try to address the issue as a whole.

If this whole post means nothing and your hearts are set on removing this mod can you please give me atleast 24 hours notice on here as I have A LOT of gear in these safes.
Removing this mod has been on the books since before the world was started. We have had informal checks as to who was using it but this is a more open survey. Our investigations showed that the CPU usage could be significantly affected by the mod. For that reason, we are proposing removing it.

We also are giving you time to respond, which is why we haven't set a precise date. There is nothing "knee jerk" about this.

No player on our servers should require security from other players. If things go missing, players need to report them. There is no ifs or buts here. If you don't report it, the admin team can't react. If we can't react, the situation won't change. If the situation won't change, we will have to remove this server and revert to only Bukkit servers.


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